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If you are an Unsigned Artist wanting more music fans to hear songs then
Indie Radio Canada (IRC) may be for you.

Supply us with a radio quality song .
Live recordings will be loaded to the radio feed at our discretion, as well we cannot guarantee that your song will be added to our radio nor can we contact everyone whos music is not added. Songs may not be added for various reasons including but not limited to audio recording quality. It will be the sole discretion of our Indie Radio Canada representitives that are maintaining the content. It must conform to the listenability of the overall library of content. Songs that have large non audio segments at the beginning or end will not be used.

Songs you upload to Indie Radio Canada will not be used for any other purpose other than promoting your identity and/or brand on IRC and furthermore your works are not downloadable on our internet sites.

This service is a free marketing tool for you to use to promote yourself to a world wide audience.

Open to all Artists from around the world.

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All genres are encouraged and accepted.
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